Our Story

We began this company to fight back against the infestation of mosquito and tick borne illnesses plaguing the United States. We are a Wisconsin proud, family owned company and our technicians are responsibly trained and licensed through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture for the treatment of Mosquitos and Aquatics.

Mosquito-516 × 210-left
Mosquito-516 × 210-left

As a family owned company we recognized how much of a struggle it was to enjoy the limited amount of nice weather we have in Wisconsin because of the awful swarms of ticks and mosquitos on our properties. Not only was it uncomfortable, but it was getting downright dangerous, it seemed like there was a new mosquito or tick borne epidemic hitting the United States every year.

We felt it was time to fight back for the safety of our families, pets and neighbors and become the solution we desperately needed to enjoy the outdoors again. Our family now maximizes the warm weather using our 21-day seasonal barrier treatment plan to rid ourselves of these pests. We no longer have to light the torches and make sure everyone is covered in toxic, smelly bug spray before spending any time outside.

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